The Texoma region can expect to see a wet Memorial Day weekend with temperatures in the 80s for the next few days. A representative with the National Weather Service said that the area will be in an active pattern for the next week, and individuals should expect to carry an umbrella.

“An active pattern just means that there is a chance for rain every day this week,” Meteorologist Jason Gunn said Friday from the NWS Fort Worth field office.

While the highest chance for severe weather was on Friday, the weekend is expected to bring flooding chances.

There will be a 20 percent chance of rain Saturday and the chance will steadily increase Sunday, Monday and on into next week.

“It will be at 60-70 percent on Sunday and Monday,” Gunn said. “It is looking like it will be a rainy Memorial Day weekend. Over the next week, we expect the area to receive about 2-4 inches of rain.”

Gunn said this amount of rain could cause flooding in low-lying and rural areas. But, NWS does not expect there to be widespread flooding in the region.

Saturday’s high is expected to be around 85 degrees and the low that night is expected to be around 71 degrees. Going into Sunday, the high will be around 82 and the low will be around 67.

“We are really expected to be in the mid 80s throughout the weekend,” Gunn said.

And, even though the NWS predicts that there will be showers and storms for Memorial Day, the temperature on Monday is expected to be around 80 degrees and the lows should be in the high 60s.

“This weather pattern is pretty typical for this time of the year,” Gunn said.

Tuesday’s high is expected to be at about about 79 and the low is expected to be around 65. Wednesday, the high is expected to be around 80 and the low is expected to be around 65.