Honestly, I’m beginning to feel like Lonesome Polecat. Only my older readers will even remember who he was. Some of them may even have to think a minute before he comes to them. I don’t know why they dropped the Lil' Abner Comic strip. Lonesome Polecat was the Indian who walked around with a black cloud over his head in a constant rain who always had bad luck. Every thing happened to him. Just for fun how many of the Lil Abner characters can you remember the name of from the funnies?

You know I include Charlie in several of my fishing events. Seemed like every time we get in my boat or his, sometimes that cloud comes over my head. Tuesday, we went fishing. Charlie had his fly rod and on one of his back casts I could have bit his Popper as it came and went right under my nose. I was lucky; he didn’t miss me by much.

We fished on and all at once my new trolling motor quit. I kept messing with the plug connection and got us going but at only half-speed. Then it stopped again. As I turned around to talk to him, he said smoke was coming out of the trolling motor connection.

I turned around and unplugged it. That was the end of our fishing trip. As I have said before almost every time, we go fishing together something happens. I found my smoke problem as soon as I got home. Gary Stewart at Gary’s Boat Repair, who I count on to keep me on the water, ordered the part I need. I should get it tomorrow and quick as the part gets here, I’ll get it fixed.

I have no fishing trip to talk about this week, I’ll take you for a ride to the past with what I caught on those old fishing trips and how the conditions changed almost every year. I have skipped years but, in the time frame you can see that despite the conditions, the fish were still there.

Here is a trip I took on May 25, 1983 with Charlie. Lake was at 620 feet, 64 degrees and we caught stripers up to seven pounds on Cotton Cordell Red fins and Pencil Poppers while it was still dark becoming light along the Dam. This was before I got to promoting and working for what became Pradco fishing. We moved over to the Willows in East Burns Run and caught black bass and stripers while fishing Eisenhower and what became Pero’s Cove. Topwater bite was good till 9 a.m. when action ended.

On 5-31-85, the lake was 616.90 feet, water temp was 71- 73 and the air was a hot 100 degrees. Fish were on points with wind south at 15-20 using Top Waters and Rattle Baits.

On 5-25-2001, the lake was 619 feet, 68-70 degree water was clear, with wind north 10-15. Slow Roll C & W Spinner bait and Blue Flake worms around break waters and structure. Bass were everywhere.

On 5-30-2003, fish have been suspended all month around boathouses and breakwaters. Lake was 615 feet rising as water comes down Red River, giving it a little color. Worms/ Top waters, Spinner baits, Jigs and skipping tubes in boat stalls were working.

I have many spiral notebooks I have kept records in for a long time. I thought you might get a kick out of how warm, cold and deep the lake was over several different years. As you can see, despite conditions fish can be caught in the same places years apart.

I should be back on the lake by Friday if my part comes in. They say that coronavirus doesn’t like sun and wind — all the more reason to get out and fish. Hire a good guide if you can find one not booked and go on a trip you and the family will remember. There are a lot of good guides on Texoma. Check references if you like. Most of those I know are booked for a while but they occasionally have someone call off the trip and it would be open.

Overall, fishing for other species is tough. Stripers are on top now early and fishing for them is good. You don’t need a guide if you have a boat now; just look for birds working and boats gathered in one spot. Both live bait and slabs are working. A good depth finder is a big help. Don’t go busting in on them as it causes hard feelings. Ease in on your trolling motor or let the wind drift you in don’t crowd or use your big motor unless you have to.