The number of people who tested positive for COVID-19 in Grayson County followed the state trend upward last week.

The Houston Chronicle reported that the state saw 1,801 cases reported on Saturday which was the biggest single day report for the state since the pandemic began.

So far in Texas there have been 46,999 cases of the virus reported and 1,305 deaths.

Texas Governor Greg Abbott said the numbers will likely climb higher as testing continues in hot spots across the state and in nursing homes and jails.

Grayson County Emergency Management Director Sarah Somers said Monday that they had yet to start testing for COVID-19 in area nursing homes because they waiting on supplies.

In Grayson County, there were more than 20 new cases reported over the weekend. As of Monday morning, the county had 152 reported cases of COVID-19.

Grayson County has seen 23 people hospitalized with the virus but has reported no deaths from the illness so far.

In Fannin County, two deaths have been reported, the most recent one reported on Monday. Fannin County Public Health Authority James Froelich said a 76-year-old man was reported to have died from the illness on May 11. The man was from Trenton. The county had previously announced the death of another man, also in his 70s from the illness.

In Grayson County, approximately 1,856 people have been tested for the virus and 85 tests are still pending. In Fannin County, Froelich said more than 500 people have been tested.

Grayson County positive cases were largely in Sherman with 96 cases in that city. Denison was next in line with 34 cases. Bells, Gunter, Tioga and Whitesboro each have two cases reported. Howe has reported three cases. Pottsboro has had four cases and Van Alstyne has reported five cases. Whitewright and Salder have each reported one case.

Eighty-eight of the cases reported in Grayson County have been in men and 64 in women. People in their 50s are still holding the lead amongst those who have caught the virus with 34 people in that age range testing positive. Thirty-two people in their 40s have tested positive for the virus and 31 people in their 20s have caught the virus. Twenty-four people in their 30s have tested positive for the virus in Grayson County as have 16 people in their 60s and seven people in their 70s. Only one person in their 80s has tested positive for the virus as of Monday afternoon.

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