This week in Texoma began with showers and the National Weather Service believes that the week will also end with storms.

Over the next five days the Texoma region can expect to experience an inch and a half to two inches of rain, Meteorologist Matt Stalley said Wednesday from the NWS Fort Worth field office.

“Keep an eye on the weather,” he said. “It is May in North Texas so this time of year is generally very favorable for strong storms. Keep an eye on the weather during this time of year because it can get very wet.”

Thursday, Texomans can expect to see clearing skies as morning storms clear the way for warmer temperatures. By Thursday afternoon, the temperature is expected to be in the 80s, Stalley said.

Thursday could also bring wind speeds up to 10 mph. The low for Thursday evening will be around 70 degrees.

“Friday, you guys will have a low chance of storms in the afternoon,” he said. “In the early afternoon, there is about a 30 percent chance and then it will increase to about 50 percent in the evening and overnight.”

Friday’s high is expected to be around 80 degrees and the low that evening is expected to be around 67.

The chance for precipitation will increase to 80 percent Saturday. That day, the high will still be in the 80s and the lows around 67.

“Over the next several days and on early in to next week, areas in North Texas could see as much as an inch and a half to two inches of rain,” Stalley said. ”In isolated areas, there could even be some minor flooding.

With these storms, there could also be a chance for high winds, but Stalley said those storms will probably be on Friday evening or overnight.

“The chances for strong winds with the storms gets quite lower on Saturday,” he said.

Heading into next week, the temperatures are expected to stay the same with highs in the 80s and evening lows around 65. Rain chances will diminish as the week progresses.

“Just keep an eye on the weather because things could change for the days further out,” Stalley said.