Nathaniel Lightfoot grew up in Cedar Hill, went to college in Denton and made his home in Sherman with his wife. He is currently a substance abuse counselor, working on his Master’s degree in social work.

Lightfoot is also known as the big brains behind Texoma Nerds Group, and an artist with a natural eye for photography.

Raised by artistic parents, he has always been surrounded by art. He avoided doing art when he attended high school as a form of rebellion and to his regret it lasted through college.

“Thankfully, a few years ago I got back into art when we started using it at works as a coping skill and way to relieve stress,” said Lightfoot.

Now, Lightfoto enjoys works in all mediums but his favorites are photography and ink drawing. With no formal training he came in second place for a Sherman hosted photography contest. He’s recently had work (drawings and photography) displayed for the Sherman Art Dash and his photos have been used by the City of Sherman for its website.

“I am definitely a nerd so most of my drawings end up being of Ninja Turtles, Star Wars, or various other things I've enjoyed since my childhood,” he said. “I generally focus on anything that makes me smile and hope they invoke positive feelings from others.”

His love for the nerdom also sparked his other passion, The Texoma Nerd Group, where he brings people together for board games, video games, Dungeons & Dragons, movies nights and what he calls all things nerdy.

“When I was living in Denton there was a massive amount of nerd culture and activities there, tons of game stores, events, places to really socialize with other people outside of a bar or sporting event. It was easy to make friends and have a lot of fun,” he said. “When I moved up this way, there was nothing but an inactive meet up group so I knew I had to try and get something going. I started by contacting the person who was running the meet up group and was given permission to take it over. I eventually migrated it over to Facebook and our group has grown to almost 400 members.”

He allows his creativity to flow between groups and his artwork with one often inspiring the other.

“I think they all go hand in hand really well. When I first started the group, some of the creativity played into making fliers and organizing events to bring people out. In the group I have found lots of other creative people and frequently find inspiration through it. I do enjoy building props and painting things for Dungeons and Dragons and other games. I also really like going to conventions and checking out the art vendors and seeing all of the amazing cosplay,” added Lightfoot.

With a calendar booked with work, responsibilities, and maybe more hobbies than hours in the day he does find it a challenge for creative time. He would like to continue to expand his subject matter when it comes to drawing. For photography, he is looking for more unique events, places, and perspectives in the area to try and capture as well as street photography.

“Art can be very therapeutic and anyone can do it so go make art! I constantly hear people saying they can't do art and while we might not all be able to paint Rembrandt realism masterpieces, anyone can have fun making art,“ he added.