When we put our daughter to bed, my husband and I pray that Holy Spirit will minister to her in her sleep and give her dreams confirming his love and call on her life.

I never remember to ask her what she’s dreamed so, recently I asked her. “What did you dream, do you remember?”

“We were chasing butterflies, but I couldn’t catch one,” she said as she hung her head in defeat.

Not even thinking about the outcome, I replied, “Well let’s pray that you catch one.” So, right then and there, we prayed, “Jesus, let Adoni catch a butterfly.”

When my husband arrived home on his lunch break that day, lo and behold the most beautiful blue butterfly was sitting on his shoulder. He explained that it flew into the car window in the fast-food line, and rode his shoulder all the way home and into our house. He had no idea what Adoni and I had prayed this morning.

I cried in amazement as he knelt down so that she could see the butterfly, relaying to my husband the entire story. We pondered the goodness of God the rest of the afternoon.

More often than not, the things we are chasing, the things that seem just out of reach, beyond our grasp, are right there in our Father’s arms. Prayer is powerful and God is good.

Antonette Weatherly is a wife, mother and minister who lives in the Sherman area. You can find her weekly serving at Victory Life Church. She can be reached at antonetteweatherly@gmail.com.