While Thursday evening may bring in a little precipitation and usher in some cooler temperatures, the Mother’s Day weekend is expected to be sunny and dry.

The National Weather Service forecasts this weekend’s weather to be very seasonable. Meteorologist Matt Bishop of the NWS Fort Worth field office said that this will be a fairly normal spring weekend for the Texoma region.

“It looks like a cold front will enter into the area on Thursday evening into Friday morning,” he said. “The highs will be in the upper 60s and the front will bring in showers and storms.”

Texomans can expect about half an inch to an inch of rain in that overnight time period. Area residents might also experience some gusty winds along with the storm which Bishop said is normal for the Red River area during this time period.

Some areas could experience some hail, as well.

“The winds could be as high as 50-60 mph in some of those stronger storms,” he said. “But, those will not be wide spread. Those are more localized and isolated.”

Coming off of the cold front on Thursday evening, Bishop said the temperatures will rise and the area will dry out for the next few days.

Saturday’s high is expected to be around 69 with calm winds at less than five mph. Saturday night’s low is expected to be near 47 degrees and Sunday’s high is expected to be around 75 degrees.

Heading into the following week and Monday, another cold front is expected to enter into the area and bring with it a small chance for precipitation. The region has a 20 percent chance of rain on Monday and Tuesday.