With the spring sports season cancelled by the UIL because of the coronavirus pandemic, the Herald Democrat is putting a spotlight on the seniors who had their high school careers abruptly come to an end.

College plans: Study marketing at St. Edwards University and continue to play softball there.

Superstitions, rituals or traditions before or after competing: If I can get away with it, I always have a black hair tie on my right wrist. I also always step onto the mound with the ball in my glove, not in my free hand.

Song or music that prepares you for competition: "Dream On" by Aerosmith.

Favorite subject/class: World history. There wasn’t a day that went by in that class that I didn’t learn something new.

Favorite teacher and why: Mrs. Terry, my English teacher for freshman-junior year. She’s an excellent teacher and always pushes her students to be the very best that they can be, and it’s overall just an amazing person that I look up to.

Favorite coach and why: My pitching coach since I was like 10 years old, Jerry White. He’s been a huge part of my success as a pitcher and has stuck with me all these years through the good and the bad days. Couldn’t ask for anyone better to help me improve my craft.

Best teammate and why: The only other senior on our team, Hannah Evans. She didn’t pick softball up until late middle school, but has only continued to get better and better. She’s a completely different athlete than she was freshman year and she’s the only person in my grade that stuck it out with me all four years.

Best high school sports memory: Our playoff game against Whitewright my junior year. I think that might’ve been the best game I’ve ever pitched, and I hit a go-ahead home run. When I struck out the last batter of the game, my third baseman jumped into my arms and our infield had a group hug out of excitement.

Best high school non-sports memory: All the times I spent just having fun with my friends.

What you love about your sport: I love softball because of how rewarding it is to win. Softball is a game of failure, and it teaches you tenacity and how to work hard. There’s nothing more satisfying than seeing your hours and hours of practice finally pay off in the big game.

Favorite sports movie and why: "Remember the Titans." The lessons taught in it are still relevant to this day and makes it a movie that everyone needs to see at least once in their lifetime.

Describe the S&S Class of 2020: Ready to move on to the next part of their lives.

Biggest lesson learned: Never take anything for granted.

Biggest influence in your life: The people I keep close to me everyday. It’s so important to surround yourself with good, like-minded people to keep you moving in the right direction.

Athlete you look up to: Rachel Garcia.

Reaction to the season being cancelled: I was shocked, to say the least. I was really sad that I didn’t get to finish out my last season as a Lady Ram, but the games I’ve played over these four years will always be a happy memory.

Message to your teammates: I wish I could’ve played with y’all longer. We were a young and new team, and I think all of you have a lot of potential. Work hard and keep up the tradition after your seniors are gone.

Message to your freshman self: Work hard in your school and sports, and enjoy yourself. It’ll all be worth it in a few years time.

Thing you won’t miss at all: Indoor practices in the middle school.

Thing you will miss the most: My close friends and the teachers I never got to say a proper goodbye to.