Christopher Maniet is a man with many interests.

He is a full-time Multimedia Design Manager at Austin College where he oversees the digital media communications. He is a Tae Kwon Do instructor where he has been with Maxwell’s Tae Kwon Do in Sherman for 27 years and has a class in Fannin County where he weekly teaches children from ages 7-15. He runs a part time freelance graphic design business for several companies in Texoma as well as owning a print shop with commercial machinery such as embroidery, laser engraving, vinyl signs, and more.

A talented artist, he’s also giving pen and ink a whole new life.

"I have done all types of art from Acrylic to Mixed Media but my most favorite is pen and ink…and photography," said Maniet

A resident of Sherman, Maniet currently lives with his partner Dustin and his two furry children Joey and Sugar. He was born in Pennsylvania and raised in Sherman where he attended a local private school. He went to middle school and high school in Howe where he was active in volunteering and school activities but always found some form art to be in his life.

Between elementary school to college he has always had his life revolve around the arts. With a passion for creating he never limits the form and has found himself in various creative outlets from performing arts to studio art. His elementary art class offered after school lessons that kept him motivated to create art.

"After that option was gone, I enrolled in private art classes with an unbelievable artist, a locally known artist, Ms. Nel Hannah. She taught me the majority of my passion for art. This is where I was introduced to pen and ink. I hit a spot that I tried most mediums with my teacher, so she challenged me with a pen & ink drawing. After I learned all about the types of pens, the way the pen strokes, and how it can be visually appealing, much like a pencil drawing. I then wanted to stand out more with "intricate" details. So I took the concept and then introduced a form of Pointillism in my work, which then let me get more creative and unique," added Maniet.

Maniet also worked part time on his high school yearbook, which opened up the photography world to him. He found himself photographing sports for the local Howe paper and fell in love with it.

"There is a sense of accomplishment when seeing something you create published in its final form whether looking at it or touching it in a publication," said Maniet

He attended college at Sierra Nevada University on the shores of Lake Tahoe where he continued his passion but added the digital portion of art. At that time digital art was pretty new and to most photography was just a hobby.

"One professor, in particular, changed the way I processed and created most of my art. Chris Lanier, came after I was enrolled in College as a new faculty member. From the minute I met him during his entrance interview class to this day, I knew I met someone who would guide me and direct me in my art that would challenge me and force me to push the limits. Whatever my form of art may be," he said.

His greatest challenge is convincing himself to dedicate time to relax and create with his busy schedule. His current series of work his a milestone achievement to him as it’s been over 10 years since he’s gone back to his roots of pen and ink.

"I hope that with my comeback with art I can show as many people as I can, my passions. I love to display my work and have people either purchase it or view it and have a moment of happiness for them," added Maniet

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