LuAnn Daniel’s career in diagnostic imaging has spanned more than three decades. She’s always had a passion for breast cancer awareness and was inspired to take that passion to a higher level after she lost her dear friend, Susan Hicks, to breast cancer.

In December 2010, Daniel founded Women Rock, a nonprofit organization that provides financial assistance to underinsured and underprivileged women to obtain breast imaging services. Women Rock provides support and encouragement to those already diagnosed with breast cancer to help them through treatment and recovery, and give them hope. She is involved in all aspects of running the organization and oversees all operations. She attributes her success to her passion and empathy. Daniel particularly enjoys taking the Women Rock mobile breast cancer awareness education station on the road, which enables her to meet amazing people, hear stories of victory and defeat, make friends, save lives, and witness time and again a woman’s true inner strength.

As Women Rock continues to grow, Daniel looks forward to seeing more and more survivors each year until the day there is finally a cure for this dreadful disease that takes so many.

Daniel earned an Associate of Science degree in 1983 and is certified in radiography, mammography and computed tomography. She is a member the American Society of Radiologic Technologists and the American Registry of Radiologic Technologists.

Holy Bible

The third book, admittedly, is one I haven’t read routinely for any length of time, other than studying it occasionally in Sunday school and reading it to my younger sister after watching the Exorcist. Even now, it’s not like I read it on a daily basis, but I refer to it often in church and especially when I find myself in a situation I don’t understand or a tough situation I am struggling with.

For just about every situation, you can find a way to help address it with the Bible. Need hope? Jeremiah 29:11. Need help from fear? Isaiah 41:10. When you think there is something you can’t get through — Philippians 4:13. When you lose someone you love — John 3:16. I suppose that’s what makes the Bible so special; you can find many answers there.

Girl, Wash Your Face by Rachel Hollis

The book by Rachel Hollis, “Girl, Wash Your Face,” for me, didn’t live up to it’s “#1 New York Times Best Seller” title, so I was overall disappointed. The overall coach/cheerleader inspiration of the book underwhelmed me. I can only attribute that to the course of my daily interactions through Women Rock, where you will find us every day cheering each other on, coaching others that are starting the road so many others have already been on, and realizing we are stronger together.

Many times throughout the book, I thought “any one of us could be writing this book!” One thing that did stay with me was that we can always get better. We don’t have to stop when we get to “good enough,” but if we keep going we will continue to grow. Hollis said in the book “A caterpillar is awesome, but if the caterpillar stopped there, if she just decided good enough is good enough, we would miss out on the beautiful creature she would become.”

Robert and the Erupting Brain: A Memoir by Robert Epperson

In 2008, a few years before I founded Women Rock, one of my twin sons was diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder. During the initial difficult first years is when Women Rock was born — to me, a sure sign from God that Women Rock is a mission he sent straight to me. My son has had many struggles and today still must work extremely hard to stay a step ahead of a mental illness that can bring you to your knees at the drop of a hat.

My son wrote a book about his experience, “Robert and the Erupting Brain: A Memoir.” Besides being the first book that I ever had a part in, it was a book that taught me a lot about life. I think we have all been told many times when we make a mistake or wrong choice or just fail at something, “dust yourself off and get back up again!” This was when I realized that there are times when some people can’t get back up again, no matter how hard they try.

I learned that I didn’t know my son as much as I thought I did, and how much prouder I was of him for making it through the storm. Now, it’s not the last storm he’s had, but each one makes him stronger for the next. What his book did for me was better prepare me to help those that come to Women Rock for support that are mentally struggling. If I sit down and really think about it, it seems like in some weird circle of life that I was supposed to pay attention to, for being better prepared to help others.