One of the best things about weddings— whether it’s your big day or you’ve been invited to someone else’s— is, arguably, the food. From fancy hors d’oeuvres served on a platter at swanky, black tie affairs to comfort food favorites at more casual ceremonies, what’s served to friends, family and the happy couple should not only taste and look delicious, but serve as a reflection of the bride and groom.

While there are more traditional, tried-and-true dining options built to please almost any palate— such as the typical variation on chicken, beef, or vegetarian dishes— the food served at your wedding doesn’t have to be boring in presentation or taste. From appetizers to dessert to every course in between, here’s a few unique cuisine options to make your wedding food something to say “I do” to.

Feelin’ fancy

Skewers. Elevate the expected skewer by incorporating more “high end” proteins and flavor profiles. Shrimp, salmon or scallops are a few protein options for seafood lovers, while thai beef, curry chicken or lamb kofta are all more unique flavor profiles for those who enjoy international cuisine. Easily customizable, skewers offer guests a variety of flavors as well as a “mess free” eating experience, perfect for a more formal affair.

Crostinis. With a variety of different cheese, meat and veggie combinations, crostinis are small slices that can pack a big flavor punch. By design, crostinis are already a more aesthetically appealing and refined appetizer option, made even more so depending on the ingredient list. Whether you’re opting for a more sophisticated goat cheese and fig jam crostini or simpler tomato basil flavor combo, crostinis can be dressed up or down to suit your taste.

Casual but cool

Sliders. An all-american take on small bites, sliders are a fun, casual way to offer a less traditional appetizer to your guests. While sliders are meant to be small, you can opt to make them either one-bite snacks or a more substantial appetizer (think the size of a Krystal or White Castle burger), depending on how many pre-dinner options you plan to have. Flavor options are endless, too, from the classic cheeseburger to the chicken sandwich and much more.

Pizza. While pizza may seem almost too informal, it’s one menu option that’s sure to satisfy your guests’ hunger and various topping preferences. Plus, who doesn’t like pizza? In this case, ditch the pizza boxes and opt for a more upscale presentation; ideally, one where guests can also serve themselves. Got a favorite style of pizza or hail from a city that boasts its own? Chicago-style pizza for a Windy City bride or groom is a great way to further personalize your wedding and let guests get a taste of your hometown.

Comfort food favorites

S’mores. If you’re opting for outdoor nuptials or a more rustic affair, s’mores are the perfect sweet treat to serve (and a relatively inexpensive one, at that). Set up a build-your-own s’more station— complete with graham crackers, marshmallows, chocolate bars and roasting sticks— and have guests toast their treats the old fashioned way, over a fire pit.

French Fry Cones. You can never go wrong with fried potatoes, but elevate this fast food favorite by serving portions in decorative paper cones (which are easy to personalize, construct and throw away or recycle after use). Take it a step further by choosing a more unique fry flavor combo: garlic parmesan, sweet potato, or cajun-seasoned fries are all delicious alternatives to the average french fry.

Ice Cream Sandwiches. A bit messy but totally worth it, ice cream sandwiches are a great dessert addition that easily caters to a variety of ice cream and cookie preferences. Offer up a small selection of popular ice cream and cookie flavors— maybe even some sprinkles and sauce options, too, if you’re up for it— and let guests personalize their frozen treats.