Tuesday’s Grayson County commissioners court meeting was a time for county leaders to make decisions about what is to come in the county. It was also a time for some on the county staff to give a little thanks to others who have helped them and the county out during the COVID-19 pandemic and in other situations.

GC Office of Emergency Management Director Sarah Somers started the meeting off talking about her “go to person” when it comes to getting things done no matter the day or night. However, by the time the meeting had ended, Grayson County Judge Bill Magers pointed out that Somers is go-to for the entire county, as well.

“Bart Lawrence — and when I say Bart Lawrence I don’t mean Commissioner Lawrence. I mean Bart Lawrence in his private capacity — is the one who always shows up when there is a need for any kind of last minute on the spur transportation,” Somers said.

“I feel kinda like I have been abusing him,” she said.

She explained that a couple of Saturdays ago she got a call that through the county’s disaster declaration, the county was being given a load of items for health care providers in the community.

“Gloves, masks, gowns, the gamete,” she said.

So she asked how big of truck did she need to pick it up.

There were only a couple of hours left before the site where the supplies were being held would close and it turned out to be pallets full of stuff, many, many pallets.

“So who did I call, Bart Lawrence,” Somers said before she added that there were also others involved including Grayson County Airport Fire Department Chief Tim Welch , but Lawrence’s willingness to step up to help the people of Grayson County truly stands out.

“I am afraid I may have worn out my welcome this past Friday,” Somers said and then laughed a little. She found Tyson Foods had a lot of meat that it was donating into the community. Meals on Wheels, she said, was going to be the recipient of that generosity. But someone had to get the meat from Tyson to Meals on Wheels. It was after 2 or 2 p.m. on Friday and it had to be picked up by 5 p.m.

“So I called Bart. And Bart went and Bart took guys, privately, not as a commissioner,” she explained. Then she said really that wasn’t such a big deal. But the story didn’t end there.

“Then I found out that when they got there, Meals on Wheels refrigeration units were out,” she said. She added that it didn’t stop Lawrence from getting the job done. But it did mean that he had to find other refrigeration units and take the food there.

Lawrence accepted the praise with a joke that she was more than welcome to come back and repeat it all the next time he was up for election.

Magers Somers is his “go to person” and he has really appreciated the way she continually goes all out to make sure that the people of Grayson County are taken care of to the best of her ability with regard to Emergency Management.

She is typically the last person I talk to in the evenings and the first text I get in the mornings,” he said.

“The amount of respect she has earned from me and this court is incredible. I believe that Grayson County has done an outstanding job in managing this crisis,” he said and he said a lot of that is due to Somers effforts.