There were several thefts and burglaries reported in Sherman over the weekend. While SPD Sgt. Brett Mullens said there is no indication at this time that they were related, people should still be aware and know the proper steps to protect their belongings.

“There certainly are ways people can protect themselves from being victimized, or greatly reduce the chances,” Mullen said.

Here are three tips from the Sherman Police Department

1. Locking doors

Most burglaries occur when a vehicle is left unlocked.

SPD said that often, burglars will walk down a street or through a parking lot and pull on door handles. When they find one open, they can quietly rummage through the vehicle and take what they like.

2. Removing valuables

“If a door is locked and nothing of value is visible, a burglar will likely not want to take the chance on breaking a window. On the other hand, if a valuable item is in plain view (cell phone, purse, laptop, gun, etc.), that can give the burglar incentive to break the window to get to the item. If you can’t remove the item, at least hide it or secure it in the trunk,” Mullen said.

3. Remove keys.

This seems pretty obvious, but many times vehicle are stolen when the keys are left in the vehicle. Always bring your keys inside with you.

“Following these simple tips will greatly reduce a person’s chances of being victimized by a burglar. Also, we always encourage people to call the police immediately see they see suspicious activity by calling the non-emergency number 903-892-7290,” Mullens said.

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