When the closures of the pandemic hit the Grayson College Visual Art’s Program were forced to cancel their upcoming shows. In the wake of adversity creativity will found a way. They teamed up with the Denison Arts Council to bring a new art show to the community, of a different style, that would work with today’s current social distancing needs.

“When it was decided that we would have to cancel the shows scheduled for the rest of the semester, we started looking for alternatives. After considering our limitations, we saw plenty of potential to continue to bring art to the community in a way that celebrates the resourcefulness required to navigate our times.” says Kristin Vilbig Erickson, Professor of Art at Grayson College

They wanted to be able to give artists the opportunity to make art in response to the current situation and to make art available to a wide audience who could benefit from something unexpected in their neighborhood.

“Art can be very powerful, especially when it lifts spirits, builds human connections and brings hope to its viewers,” adds Erickson, “We are very thankful to the Denison Arts Council for helping to get the word out about the show! I hope that this show has an impact on what is considered the proper space for the display of artwork and emboldens more artists to share their works in new and innovative ways with our community.”

The show officially opened on Friday April, 24th with 13 artists and 28 works. It is constantly growing and they will continue to accept feature works for the duration of the show which ends on Sunday May 3rd. Artwork can be seen all over Grayson County and can also be viewed on the public Instagram and Facebook accounts at @graysoncollegevisualarts and @denisonartscounc