Friday, Georgia has opened its state up for trips to the barbershop and hairdressers while Texas just opened up for retail to go. On the brink of more and more industries coming back on line for consumers local hairdressers advise their clients to just wait.

Cosmetologists and barbers are saying do not head to the drugstore for box colors or to take those scissors to their own bangs.

“It would be like taking a can of spray paint to your car because you couldn’t get to the body shop,”said local hairdresser Shirley Waldrum from A New You Salon in Sherman.

Hairdresser Christel Clark,who works out of a space at her home in Sherman, agreed. Both women said the process to correct badly applied at-home coloring treatments is time consuming and expensive.

“These are individually mixed color combinations for each client,” Waldrum said.

Clark and Waldrum said it is best for those who simply can not wait out the time it will take local hair salons to re open to call their colorist and ask for an at-home kit prepared especially for them.

“Some stylist are doing that and it provides just enough color for people to do their roots and maybe the sides of their hair,” Waldrum said.

She and Clark both said people might wan to deal with the extra length and grown out roots by wearing a scarf or a hat or by pulling their hair back with a pin.

“It should have only grown about a fourth of an inch,” Clark said. Again, the two agreed that correcting any mishaps that might come from at home attempts will likely be more costly to correct.

Bangs, Waldrum said, can be tricky to cut and people can end up with much shorter hair than they thought they would and then need help fixing that problem.

The best bet, they both said, is to just relax about the situation.

“We aren’t going anywhere right now anyway so who is going to see them? Waldrum said.

Clark said she hopes her clients are using the time the way she is to be closer to her children and just relax a little. She said she has had a number of clients cancel but she understands that and if they continue to cancel after things are opened back up, she will understand that as well. She wants her clients to feel safe to enjoy their experience with her. When things do open up, both ladies said, they will continue to practice social distancing and will, of course, clean things in between clients.

Clark said she has supplemented her income during the shutdown by selling cookies but she also spent the time with her children and she has trusted in God to provide for her family.

“I have had a couple of clients who just sent me money, not paid for their next appointment, just sent money to say they appreciated the services and that was very helpful,” she said.

Waldrum said all of the local salons will need the business once things open back up so making and keeping appointments at that time will be critical to the continued success of these small businesses.