North Texas Regional Airport — Perrin Field will be getting some help in weathering the storm during the COVID-19 health crisis. The airport announced last week that it will be receiving $69,000 federal in assistance in maintaining operations through the ongoing crisis and financial uncertainty.

Representatives for the airport said that NTRA currently has no specific plans for the funds, but said the assistance is open-ended and can be used for a variety of purposes aimed at continuing operations.

“They are giving this to us to maintain operations of our airport,” NTRA Airport Manager Mike Livezey said. “It can be used for many things: it can be used for payroll, It can be used for operations. It can be used for radios, control tower and that kind of thing.”

NTRA, along with thousands of airports across the country, is receiving assistance from a federal program set up early into the crisis to assist in easing the blow from the ongoing issues.

The Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security Act, also known as CARES, included funding for airports across the country in addition to its provisions for citizens and small businesses.

The act allocated $10 billion to airport relief. Of that $10 billion, $7.4 billion was earmarked for commercial service airports, $2 billion was allocated for large hub and reliever airports. An additional $500 million was allocated for the Federal Aviation Administration’s discretionary grants, which a fourth funding group would see $100 million set aside for general aviation airports like NTRA.

Through these funds, the federal government aims to support more than 3,000 airports across the country in operation, and the staff at each of these airports employed.

When compared to other airports, Livezey said that the $69,000 was on the higher side of average, with many airports receiving funding around $20,000.

Livezey said the funding will be handled locally through the Texas Department of Transportation’s Aviation division and will be handled similarly to other funding and grants handled through TxDOT.

Livezey estimated that the airport should receive this funding some time this week.

Livezey said there is the possibility that additional funding and assistance could become available, but he said it is unlikely NTRA would pursue these discretionary funds. Primarily, he said this is due to the work on the airport’s planning documents, which come as a priority to other projects.

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