Well what can you believe? I’m hearing reports from people who are fishing that there is a bass on every rock in Big Mineral's arm. Not doubting this report but best I can remember that side of the lake is so dirty I wonder how you find a rock.

Our side has a lot of people fishing in Grandpappy and toward the Dam. There must be some kind of tournament coming up this weekend. Our boat ramp has been really busy. What I’m guessing is bass fishing must be tough now as boats are looking for fish. On the plus side, gas is cheap so running and gunning isn’t that expensive.

After skipping a week of fishing, my friend Charlie and I decided that Tuesday we would finally go fishing and catch us some bass. Well our early start was met by a fog you could cut with a knife. The lake was like glass.

We got the boat in the water and headed out. Charlie is old school like me and we don’t trust all of these new-fangled electronic fishing helpers. We just bumbled along keeping the shore in sight and fishing. We would start up and move to a new spot if we didn’t get bites. We moved a lot.

After a couple of hours as the fog lifted. I could see birds working the water a ways down from us and fish were breaking the top everywhere.

Charlie has hard seats in his boat. I bring a cushion when we go fishing. My God-given padding left a long time ago. Being in a hurry, we took off for them and along the way my cushion blew out. Not knowing where I lost it, we went fishing and didn’t look for it. We quickly forgot about our bass fishing and my cushion and went to chunking YUM Money Minnows and Pulse Swim Baits. It was fish on.

Charlie, doesn’t like catching them — he is a bass purist, even worse than me. Tuesday he was throwing like a wild man. He quickly put one of his rods out of work with a backlash he will still be cutting on to get out. We were catching and releasing sand bass and stripers for about 30 minutes all in the same area.

Charlie caught a Bass; it was mixed in with the other fish. He also caught the biggest fish — a striper about five pounds. I caught more numbers but he had me on those two. The sun came out and we just finished of the morning enjoying the day.

Some people have asked me about the Weedless Road Runners that have come out I’m using. The name, if you are looking for them, is Slab Runners. They only come in 1/16-ounce and 1/8-ounce sizes. They really work but you have to get the feel for fishing them.

When you bump something remember to pull easy and don’t jerk. Drop your rod, let it fall and pull it up again and it will come over nine times out of 10.

Here is a tip I can give you when crappie fishing: get a bright line. They are easier to see if a fish bites it. Line watching is a big part of crappie fishing. You will often not feel a bite as they will just be holding it in their mouth. The bite is on so pick out an area you like and go fishing.

Perks of living at the lake. On Wednesday Susan’s daughter had come up and spent the day with her. I volunteered to fry fish. Just out of curiosity when I got in the golf cart, I looked at my watch before I left. A little over an hour from the time I left the house to catch supper I was back and had the seven fish I caught filleted, soaking in milk and waiting until later to cook.

Now that’s fresh fish and the price was right. Speaking of the right price I bought 30 gallons of gas for my boat for 90 cents a gallon using my points I get for shopping at Brookshire's in Pottsboro. Now that’s almost like a throwback price to my high school days.

We have orioles and hummingbirds, blue birds with babies, and our mockingbirds have come back after being gone last year. I've got to build more housing as we are seeing some bird fights over who gets what while I'm sitting in the Rusty Moose Saloon, listening to old music from our new speaker system. The only disappointment I have is my purple martins haven’t shown up yet.