The layoffs and shutdowns in response to the coronavirus has caused the need for help from local food pantries to rise in Grayson County. All such facilities have reported an increase in the number of people seeking help.

The Green House on Houston Street successfully re-opened last week with a drive-through service and served those in need again. But with this crisis, some of the pantry's main sources for food and donations are either not open at all, or are stretched very thin with limited availability. So the pantry is asking its supporters to consider donations to their efforts. Donations may be dropped off Monday, Wednesday, or Friday from 1 4 p.m.

Those who want to donate are asked to let the workers in the parking lot know that they have a donation!!! All donations of any kind are greatly appreciated. The Pantry's most needed items right now are dry pinto beans, boxed elbow macaroni, other boxed/bagged dry pasta, boxed/bagged cereal, instant oatmeal, canned vegetables of any kind, canned soup especially any kind but "cream of" varieties, ramen noodles, canned meats of all kinds, flour and sugar.