A local nonprofit dedicated to representing the best interest of child involved in the justice system through no fault of their own continues its work despite the trials of social distancing due to Coronvirus.

This week, CASA of Grayson County welcomed three new advocates through a swearing in ceremony performed by ZOOM.

CASA of Grayson County Executive Director Wanda Kauffman said volunteers, Kelli Carroll, Cassandra Norton and Elaine Roberts were mid way through their training to assist children when the Coronavirs situation hit. Rather than postpone their training and swearing in, the group completed their qualifications through Zoom and then were sworn in that way.

“We want to thank the Judges for helping to make this happen, so these new volunteers are able to be assigned to a new case,” Kauffman said in an email about the swearing-in.

She said at this time, CASA of Grayson County has 18 cases without a CASA to represent them in court.

“Even though the volunteers are not able to meet face to face with their children, they are making monthly contact by Zoom, Facetime, Skype or phone. We are so proud of our volunteers and the great job they are doing during this time to support their CASA children,” Kauffman said.

As a community, we need to continue to be more diligent in watching and protecting our children during this time. If you suspect child abuse please call the hotline number, 800-252-5400,“ Kauffman continued.

Anyone who is interested in becoming a CASA Volunteer, can being that process by completing the application on the CASA website, https://casagrayson.com/lunch-learn/ CASA of Grayson County continues to serve the foster children in Grayson County and need more Volunteers.