Grayson County Health Department Director Amanda Ortez warns people that the anibody test currently available for the COVID-19 virus might not be as reliable as people would want them to be and might lead to false results.

"Some tests that are available and being marketed have not been given clearance by the FDA or the Emergency Use Authorization. They were produced in China. China has stopped allowing the export of these tests because the tests have not been evaluated and cleared by their regulatory agencies. Although these tests can no longer be obtained from China, many were purchased prior to the halt in export and are being provided by varied practitioners in the US," Ortez said in a press release.

"Those testing negative during the acute illness may be falsely informed that they do not have COVID-19.

The major concern is that there will be false positives, especially since there may be cross reactions with other non-COVID-19 coronaviruses. Most concerning is that those tested may be given the false sense of security that they are immune and fail to protect themselves from exposure to the illness," Ortez said.

"The Grayson County Health Department will place no credibility on the current antibody tests for COVID-19, and make no recommendation to citizens of Grayson County based upon these tests," she added.

She said that, in time, the tests that are marketed may prove to be of benefit and the GCHD will will keep the community informed of the changes.

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