The concerns over the spread of COVID-19 caused the Sherman Symphony to cancel its last performance of the season slated for May 2 would have featured Respighi Fountains of Rome.

Though locals will have to wait till next season to see the orchestra live, they can tune in to watch a televised concert at noon on April 26 on CBS Channel 12.

Music Director Daniel Dominick said it takes weeks to get the orchestra ready for a performance and the unpredictability over the requirements for social distancing just left them with no choice but to cancel the season’s last show.

“We have had the same sorts of considerations as other businesses and families are making, first we had to contact all our players—including contracted players—to let them know of the changes. I’m glad we hadn’t already started rehearsing; it is a bigger blow to put in lots of time on a big project and then not be able to present it, he said. He said the orchestra practices around 15 hours for each show it puts on. The orchestra is made up of between 60 and 75 plus members, some of who are paid, and others are community volunteers or students at Austin College.

But knowing that the last concert of the season isn’t going to happen gives the group the chance to start planning for next season.

“We are making our regular plans for 2020 -2021: we have our dates booked in Kidd-Key; we have some of our repertoire already planned (including the repertoire from our canceled May 2, 2020 concert); we are trying to contract the players who lost the income of our last concert to help them know we care,” he said.

They are really looking forward, he said, to a return engagement in Ardmore next season at the Goddard Center, and to taking the Christmas Pops on the road.

In the meantime, Daniel said the symphony is, like almost everyone else, looking forward to celebrating when the crisis over COVID-19 is over.

“We hope to offer a celebration concert for our community when this is all over. I am hoping that this summer we’ll have a chance to perform free for the community in a concert that features music everyone will recognize and that will celebrate being able to be together again. Maybe an outdoor concert, similar to our concert last May for the City of Sherman,” Daniel said.

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