If there is one thing that the whole COVID-18 thing has taught me, it is that I really don't want to spend 24 hours a day seven days a week with my beloved schnauzer.

Don't get me wrong, I LOVE that dog. She is my little pal and I delight in the sound of her barks and the pitter patter of her little feet.

Well, I did, until I had to listen to her voice while trying to write and interview people on the phone. I know that I am in a lot better shape that some folks who are trying to work from home with small, or not so small, children. I can lock my dog in another room. The problem is that schnauzers don't like to be locked away from their people and they tend to get really loud when that happens.

Now, those who know the breed, know that they are loud to be begin with so loud on purpose is enough to drive one around the bend. At least it is for me these days.

I have tried everything but a muzzle at this point. I gave her all of her toys and even added new ones to the bunch. Then I tried busy bones. Those work, but only till she destroys it. And that doesn't take nearly long enough. I play with her constantly and that doesn't seem to be helping. In fact, I fear she is becoming hopelessly co dependent. This dog used to spend several hours five days a week all by herself and seemed to be fine with it. She would go in her crate when told to do so as I started to leave the house.

Now, when I put on clothes other than my pajamas, she runs for the back of the house and hides so I can't put her in the crate. If it weren't so frustrating, it would be hilarious because she is such a tiny little thing that it takes nothing for me to pick her up and put her in the crate. I just don't like the sad little eyes she give me when I do so.

Additionally, she had become a fiendishly sly bandit stealing things off my desk in the living room and hiding my shoes. The hiding the shoe thing is not new, but she is taking it to new levels. If we ever do get to return to normal work situations, I might show up barefoot.

I always said my darling four-legged friend wasn't a "take my dog to work" kind of critter, but I didn't know how true it was. Thank goodness I can mute my side of the situation when I attend Zoom meetings or all of the county would get to say hello to Bella when my neighbors walk past my front door.