Bright sunshine and a chance to get outside welcomed folks to the first weekend of the 2020 run of the Sherman Farmers Market over the weekend.

Ten booths were set up and filled with products that ranged from dog treats to faces masks.

“It feels really good with the sun shining,” said Harold Rogers,60, of Sherman.

“We just got through walking our dogs at Pecan Grove East,” he continued. He said they frequented the farmer’s market all last season and were really looking forward to it opening up again this season.

Rogers said he was not concerned about the threat of catching the COVID-19 virus but he could understand those who were.

Angela Wilson, who runs the market, said the season opening went well.

"No one knew what to expect," she said. "It was the best opening day we have ever had," she added. She said she can't really tell if that had anything to do with COVID-19 or not, but they stayed so busy Saturday that she didn't even get to get her chair out to sit down.

She said they paid special attention to make sure that they were following the CDC's guidelines for social distancing and then people seemed to just like the idea of getting out in the fresh air.

"People are looking for fresh food and to buy local," she said, and the market combined that with the ability to get out in the fresh air.

She said the market will just get better as the spring continues to unfold. Eventually the stands will be filled with fresh fruits and vegetables along with the other products like the freshly made dog treats, soaps and other household items. This past week's market only had around 12 vendors but generally, there are around 16.

The market will open at 9 a.m. each Saturday from now until the last of October or the first frost, whichever comes first. The market closes at noon.