I can’t be the only person who would like nothing more than to rush into a large meeting filled with people right about now...can I?

I know we are all trying to do what we must to help flatten the curve from the spread of COVID-19, but I will confess it is getting to me. I love my home and my little dog, but I am really missing the social interaction that makes up a large part of my job on a daily basis.

Going to meetings via Zoom and other applications was novel at first but now I just long to really be there when things are happening. Being there when things are happening is a cornerstone to a journalist’s job and I miss getting to look into people’s faces as they make decisions and as they react to decisions that are made around them.

Like many of you, I am sure, I am looking forward to the warmer weather and the ability to get outside and soak in some sunshine. My dog certainly seems to be ready to leave our living room behind and head out to the park.

But it is going to feel weird to find ourselves out and about for exercise but still not greeting people with a handshake, or much more to my personal style, a hug.

Until the experts tell us otherwise, we must all do what we can to continue to try to keep this awful stuff from spreading, but that doesn’t mean that we can’t stay in touch. Don’t forget to call your friends and neighbors, especially those who are most at danger from the virus and therefore can’t get out. Drop off a nice surprise bundle at the front door whether you fill it with goodies from the grocery store or their favorite meal from a local take out place, the fact that you thought of them will mean the most. And don’t forget, if the people you are treating are your parents, to include updated photos and maybe art work from those grand babies.