Even though the North Texas and Southern Oklahoma area was spared any real damage during the last round of severe weather, this is the time of the year when such events are more possible has arrived.

Meteorologist Daniel Huckaby of the National Weather Service said the fact that this has been a wetter than normal spring means there is a chance that North Texas and Southern Oklahoma have the potential for more volatility in weather patterns.

"Because its been so wet earlier in the year that has a tendency to continue. That doesn’t necessarily mean there be more severe weather, but a wetter than normal spring is often accompanied by severe storms. What we try to tell people is that whether its an active spring or there is only one storm, if that storm impacts you then its a big deal," he said.

Texans and Oklahomans always want to be prepared any time of the year but especially during the spring, for severe weather.

While the pandemic that the country is currently dealing with is making many situations harder, it might not make dealing with severe weather harder.

"You may actually have fewer people out on the roadways which is one of the more dangerous places to be during a severe weather event," he said.

And, people have the time right now to get with their families and make plans for severe weather and maybe run some drills on those things.

Those who grow up in North Texas and Southern Oklahoma get accustomed to hearing that one should find the best spot in the house to ride out a tornado by finding the one space with the most walls between themselves and the outside, but it never hurts to go ahead and think that through and get ready in case you might need that. It is often the bathroom or a closet.

Huckaby said it is also important to get up in the morning and pay attention to the weather forecast. If is a day that has the potential for severe weather then one needs to keep track of that throughout the day.

“If you are watching video, or streaming a show or playing a game, you are not going to see that crawl along the bottom of the screen announcing a severe weather event, so you want to have another source for keeping up to date on that,” he said.

That could be a radio tuned to a local station or a weather app that one watches regularly.

Locally we have Grayson County has a CodeRed system that will actually call or text you. to sign up for that service, go to the county website at co.grayson.ts.us/page/oem.cred.

Huckaby said it is a good idea to keep communication devices charged and to have an alternate power source available. “There are chargers that work on regular batteries or solar powered,” he said.

It is a good idea to keep plenty of batteries on hand at this time of the year because even storms that don’t bring tornadoes can cause power outages.