In the latest in a series of public facility closes, Denison announced it would be closing city sport facilities amid the ongoing coronavirus crisis.

The CDC and other public health authorities have recommended the practice of distancing in recent weeks as a way to prevent the spread of the infection. However, city officials said the use of these facilities goes against these recommendations.

“In an abundance of caution, and to maintain social distancing, we are closing sport service areas including volleyball and basketball courts effective today and will be closed until further notice,” the city said in a public notice issued Wednesday.

The closure was mentioned by Mayor Janet Gott during a Facebook Live update video on the city’s page on Wednesday. During the talk, Gott said she and city leaders had been approached by many residents who had witnessed games and were concerned that it posed a public health risk.

“Many of you are doing exactly what we have been asked to do, and for that I am incredibly grateful,” Gott said during the video.

“I know we are tired, I know it is inconvenient — I know we want normal again, but it is incredibly troublesome when we go out in our community and see basketball games, flag football and volleyball games. Social distancing is not possible.”

In the event that a resident witnesses a game or activity that concerns them, she asked that they reach out to city staff.

While playground equipment and other recreation equipment is currently restricted, trails and other open-air amenities will remain open to the public. However, the city recommends social distancing practices while enjoying these amenities.

“Go together as a family unit, stay together as a family unit and be sure to practice social distancing,” Gott said.

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