Grayson County commissioners continued the county’s disaster declaration Tuesday and continued to look into how to pay county employees.

GC Judge Bill Magers said the county continues to follow the guidelines set out by the governor’s office. He said he and Sheriff Tom Watt, and others, are going to be looking into keeping county employees paid during this pandemic.

That statement came, he said, after the county learned that the governmental entities like the county would not be eligible for some of the financial relief that small businesses are being offered to pay their employees during the crisis.

Grayson County Human Resources Director Kelly Cassell said the county does not qualify under those programs for help in paying their employees for additional time off.

The Government Cares Act will not give the county tax credits to go toward paying those employees to get additional paid time off.

“We are going to honor the commitment we made to our employees,” Magers said. He said the county’s main concerns at this point are keeping employees safe, providing essential services for residents and making sure that all of the county’s employees are contributing to the betterment of the county.

“Everyone here at Grayson County is doing a heck of a job,” Magers said noting that he is proud of the way the county’s employees have responded to this unprecedented situation.

He said he and Watt intend to have a plan for county employees going forward by next week.

“This is a moving target and it is going to continue to be a moving target,” Magers said.

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