April showers may definitely bring May flowers in Texoma this year. Rain chances are in this week’s forecast every day and meteorologists with the National Weather Service do not think that will stop any time soon.

Leading the week ahead with a 50 percent chance of rain on Friday, Texoma is expected to see at least an inch of rain between Friday of this week and Thursday of next week.

Friday’s high is 65 degrees and Saturday’s low is 43 degrees.

“There is going to be a rainy start to the weekend,” NWS Meteorologist Sarah Barns said Thursday from the Fort Worth field office. “Tomorrow will be colder than today and Saturday the temperature should be in the upper 50s.”

While Barns expects that the temperatures will rise back up early next week, she said the rain chances will remain every day for the next seven days.

“There is a 50 percent chance on Friday, Sunday and Monday,” she said of the days with the highest chances for precipitation.

Thunderstorm are also expected throughout the next week. Barns said that those will remain pretty constant over the next week as well.

Monday and Tuesday are going to be cloudy. The high Monday is 75 and a low of 65. The high Tuesday is 82 and the low is 64. Wednesday, the region should be back in the 80s with a 20 percent chance of rain throughout the day.

Thursday’s rain chances are at about 30 percent.

Winds are not expected to be more than 10-20 miles per hour during the roughest of the storms that enter the area throughout the next week.

“It is really supposed to calm down Saturday and then there will not be much change on Sunday and Monday,” Barns said. “The winds will be coming from the south and will bring in the moisture.”

As for the rain that Texoma has seen over the last month, it may have seemed like a lot, but it was still less than forecasters expected. Barns said that the Sherman-Denison area have been an outlier for the state as far as precipitation pertains.

“During the month of March, the region only saw about 3.17 inches of rain which is about three quarters of an inch less than normal for March,” she said. “Our coverage area includes DFW and Waco which was above average for the month of March so Grayson County being under really stood out.

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