After nearly and hour of discussion, commissioners agreed that they didn’t have to issue such an order because Governor Greg Abbott had already done so.

Fannin County Judge Randy Moore said the Governor didn’t call his order “Shelter in Place” but later told reporters that what he was saying was the same thing as one.

Moore and several commissioners noted that the Governor’s order from Tuesday night says that it supersedes any orders put in place by any county or city or town. That means the Governor’s orders top or out rank any made by any other state or local political subdivision.

Commissioners seemed to agree that they could make rules tighter or stronger than those imposed by the Governor, but they couldn’t do anything to weaken his requirements.

Commissioner Dean Lackey said there is really no way to know how many people in Fannin County have the virus.

“Half of the people (who have it) don’t show symptoms at all,” he said noting recent guidelines from the CDC.

After a great deal of discussion, the court decided that people in Fannin County should just be advised to follow the instructions from Governor Greg Abbott’s declaration on Tuesday night. Judge Moore said the county would put more information up on its website about who is considered an “essential worker” and what are “essential services”and that people should know if they are not on that list, they should stay home unless they are going out to get essential goods or take care of essential activites like going to the doctor or getting food and supplies for their families.