Denison responds to the ongoing Health crisis by closing down some of its Parks and Recreation facilities.

Denison Parks and Recreation director Justin Eastwood said that the city is adjusting to the COVID-19 crisis by closing down its restrooms, water fountains and playground equipment areas.

"The parks are still open," Eastwood said. "I say that the Open Spaces areas are still open. With that said if people do decide to go out we are strongly encouraging CDC social distancing guidelines that's what the city has adopted. If people are going to go out to parks that is the recommendation. However as much as possible we recommend people stay home while this virus is mitigating."

He said that playground equipment has been partitioned off to prevent people from touching it. He also said water fountains and public restrooms have been closed.

Eastwood said the city has hand sanitizer stations at all of the high traffic areas including THF Park and Waterloo Lake Park.

Waterloo Pool and the SNAP Center have also been closed down. In order to ensure the Gatherings of 10 or fewer are enforced the city is no longer renting out its park facilities during the health crisis.

Eastwood said that necessary and essential maintenance will continue with a small parks staff that will be assisting the city in any areas as needed.

He said the city is not encouraging gatherings at this time. He said the city has canceled all of its events and is not facilitating any gatherings at any of its parks.

In an effort to assist families who are stuck at home the city's parks department this providing virtual programs for families to enjoy.

He said those can be found on the Denison Parks and Recreations Facebook page.

Some of those programs include an at home scavenger hunt. Another example was virtual Spirit Week where people could dress up in their favorite superhero or Sports costume and post pictures online.

He said also on the city website under its COVID-19 resources section there is an area devoted to Parks and Recreation activities.

He also said the dog park continues to be open but again is reiterating the social distancing needs to be adhered to.