The Denison Independent School District is among schools offering parents tips on how to keep school age kids active while stuck at home during the coronavirus pandemic.

Lauren Parrish Pre-Athletic teacher at B. McDaniel intermediate school said it is important for students to stay active.

"We need kids to get up and get outside, weather permitting," Parrish said. "Whether it's just jogging down their street. They can stop at every stop sign and do some jumping jacks or lunges. They can dribble a basketball as they walk down the street or a soccer ball there is a multitude of options.

The school district keeps fitness challenge workouts on its website. For parents who do not have access to internet can grab a print out at the school office.

She said by this point in the school year children should be familiar with the workouts they do at school. As long as they continue those at home they will remain active.

She said there are challenges for all types of activities including safe, group activities that follow the safety guidelines.

The district also includes links to YouTube videos with workouts the kids can do at home. Parrish said all of the exercises are things kids can do inside.

She said one thing to remember when working out is to stay hydrated by drinking lots of water. She said to avoid drinking drinks with a high sugar content.

"At this age we have kids who don't drink enough water," Parrish said. "That is a big part of their health in general."

She said the district is trying to use modern technology to assist the students in getting the information they need to do their activities.

The workouts are divided up into different types of exercises with instructions on how to do them .

"We're hoping parents can encourage the kids to stick with it," Parrish said. "If they can get outside and work with one another they are more willing to stay active. We are encouraging kids to do their workouts with a family member."

The workout sheets include a warm up exercise followed by instructions on which exercises to do for the main workout. Things like jumping jacks, air squats, sit ups and sky rockets make up the bulk of the workout tips.

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