For years, the Herald Democrat has had the pleasure of announcing birthdays on the front page for all of our readers to see and celebrate. Of course, right now, many local celebrations of birthdays, anniversaries and other life moments have undergone a number of changes. Some of those changes make us sad while others show signs of becoming new family traditions.

For instance, some families are holding birthday parties on ZOOM or other group meeting applications online or drive-by birthday parties where folks just drop off a present and pick up a piece of birthday cake from the curb.

Even here at the Herald Democrat newsroom, our birthday traditions have changed due to our efforts to practice social distancing and work from home. Generally when someone in our newsroom has a birthday we fete them with a cake or some other treat of their choice and everyone sings a round of "Happy Birthday" while the celebrated reporter tries not to groan at our signing.

While we are all pretty good at writing, it is often hard to tell one another just how much their contributions to our daily product is appreciated and celebrating birthdays becomes the way that show our appreciation for one another’s daily talent.

This weekend, our own Michael Hutchins will celebrate his birthday. Although we can’t all gather to eat cake with Michael, we do wish him a happy birthday. We also hope that he, and all of the others who celebrate birthdays while we all go through this social separation, will know that distance doesn’t mean they are not appreciated as much as ever before.

Then when all of this social distancing finally ends, we will have to buy a giant birthday cake and celebrate the fact that we all made it through it the experience and swap stories about how we got there.

Till things can get back to normal, we will continue running birthdays when we get them from our readers and we will continue wishing all of our readers happy celebrations of all kinds.