Fannin County announced it has another COVID-19 case in the area. A news release sent Friday said that the individual and his or her family are in self-isolation.

The newest case is 30 years old.

"The second case of SARS-CoV-2 ("Coronavirus") has now been confirmed in Fannin County as of Thursday, March 26th," the release sent by Fannin County Health Authority James E. Froelich said. "This second case was contracted out-of-state and was suspected by the patient upon their return home to Fannin County in the 75418 zip code. Because of increased vigilance on the part of the infected individual, immediate home quarantine was instituted and they have not left their house since returning to the county. The only local contacts were two family members who also placed themselves in home confinement and quarantine. The three of them remain in self-imposed quarantine at present."