I like rain in the spring. This spring I’m beginning to have second thoughts. The water is out in our parking lot as the lake keeps rising and we spent a chunk of money repairing it after the last flood. Now it looks like I might get to do it again with less money.

It’s not been the best winter for boat launching. The lake is still coming up and they are forecasting a chance of heavy rain for this weekend and the start of next week. If you launch at our place you better know where the ramp is. It’s underwater and you need high boots if by yourself to get in and out of your truck.

I’m nimble enough to crawl out of my cab, swing up in the bed and then walk the boat trailer tongue to get in the boat. Backing it off the trailer and tying up at our dock the walkway is underwater and you have to leap big or wade water to get to dry land.

Enter the big problem — your truck is setting out there in water deep enough to almost get in your cab, hence high boots or just wade. Another foot rise and you might not want to launch with us.

The high water is a sort of blessing for the legion of crappie anglers in our area. Hagerman Refuge has more prime spawning water for both crappie and sand bass in its many creeks when the lake is up than you can fish. With water in every creek, finding a spot to yourself shouldn’t be much of a problem. Watch for snakes while walking. The water is shallow for the most part and is warmer than the down lake creeks.

If I was fishing out there, besides the nice park on Big Mineral Creek at the bridge, I’d fish the Oil Well pads. If nothing else on a nice day just being outside is a big asset to fishing.

Now what I wrote above might just not happen, if we are locked down for the virus, can’t gather in groups and all those other restrictions, going fishing isn’t going to matter. I see where it’s hit Grayson County. This is one more reason I’m glad I’m not a guide now. They book people from everywhere and if they have more than two clients they sure can’t stay six feet apart in a fishing boat. The guides won't know if their clients are infected or not. It’s a roll of the dice for them.

A week ago this past Tuesday I caught some nice crappie out of the fish market — almost every day now while walking Ginger I give my spots a try. I have only caught one crappie in two weeks since.

I’ve also fished off the bank thinking that they were in shallower water but nope, not a bite. The fish I cleaned last Tuesday were loaded with eggs. My freezer is down to eight bags of fillets. Time to reload if the crappies ever show up.

I have some work to be done on my boat and it’s just getting dry enough to work on it. I haven’t been able to go out to my smallmouth spot since the last time I caught them. My yard finally got dry enough to mow. I already know what having to stay in your house is like with the weather keeping me inside the last couple of weeks.

Those Weedless Blakemore Road Runners should be showing up in stores. The Road Runner is designed to be fished slow and if you do get in brush or such just gently working it out with gentle movements on this new version let you keep fishing. While the older Road Runner is a fish catcher deluxe it also had the nasty habit of catching everything else.

This new version of an old legend is a bait to be had. It works for all kinds of fish. It comes in a 1/16 and 1/8 oz. version. Put your favorite soft plastic grub and a crappie nibble on it and go for a fish dinner.

Sorry I can’t give you a better fish report. I can tell you guides are catching stripers in open waters mid-lake in deep water, shad and artificial lures are what they are using. Jigging spoons and YUM Brella A rigs are also working in deep water.

The Little Dixie Bass Club will not hold a meeting before the next tournament on Texoma. The club fished Lake of the Arbuckles last month. Thirty-seven fished and caught 13 fish. While that sounds bad the sizes were good. First was Brad Harper and Mark Ross with three fish totaling 19.24 pounds, second was Jon Clause and Ed Larkins had two fish with 6.58 pounds, third was Chris Farris with two fish at 4.62 pounds, fourth was Kevin and Robin Bell with a fish going 4.55 pounds and fifth was James Wallace and Clint Rogers had a fish at 2.82 pounds.

They think they will be allowed to hold the tournament on Texoma at this time but this is subject to change.