Businesses on Lake Texoma are beginning to feel the effects of the COVID-19 health crisis as marinas start closing store fronts and restaurants.

Lake Texoma Association Executive Director Brandi Beurkhalter said there are still a lot of people out at the lake and businesses are still operating. She said some businesses have begun to respond to the situation especially marinas. She said the most common tactic has been for restaurants on the lake to close while those further off the shores might be offering curb side or carry out, depending on their business.

"Fortunately it isn't the busy season yet," Beurkhalter said. "It is too early to tell the full impact. Also with the recent rains how much is the virus and how much is the rains closing things?"

She said lodging has been affected but some places are taking reservations over the phone or internet while closing their offices.

There are 19 marinas on the lake. Some are on the Oklahoma side, others are in Texas. Beurkhalter said because of that each situation is different depending on what the respective governors have declared. As for night now the first event she noted that was affected was the March 14 kickoff to the lake season that was rained out. She also said people are returning from spring break.

"We are in the season where we are gearing up for the busy season but we're not quite there yet," Beurkhalter said. "Everyone is taking it day by day. Things are different for each marina."

She said golf is still offered at some of the clubs and that it serves as a good outdoor activity during social distancing.

"It will take a few weeks to figure out what is going on," Beurkhalter said. "There are some able to operate that haven't shut down. It depends on where the restaurant is located. People are still going to the lake, boats still passing on the water. Fishing guides are still planning small trips. The lake is still open for business. It may be a little limited depending on marina but there is still fishing and boating, fun at the lake."

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