Both the Democratic and Republican parties in Grayson County had party conventions scheduled for this weekend. Those meetings will still be held because they must be by law, but both parties are urging people not to come as they will be proforma only.

The Republican Party of Grayson County’s website said their convention will be briefly called to order and then adjourned. The Democrats plan to do the same.

“At this time the exact date, location and time to reconvene are still being worked out. It will probably be in late May. Information will be posted on the website 7 days prior to the new date on and the Commissioner’s Board at the courthouse,” said the notice from Party Chair Barbara Woodroof on the Grayson County Republican Party’s website.

She advised that the “State Convention has been tentatively rescheduled for the week of July 13-18 with the general session convening on Thursday July 16th. For those of you who have sent in an application to go as a delegate or alternate, please check you calendar to see if you might be available and are still interested in going to Houston in July. For others who might be interested and able to go because of the new dates feel free to apply. The application is on the website.”

The post from Grayson County Democratic Party Chair Glenn Melacon said, The County Convention will not include any caucuses, vending, sponsors, speeches, training sessions or presentations. Though state law requires that a “convention” be held on Saturday, March 21, and that it be open to the public, it is the Chair’s intent to conduct the meeting pro forma.”

He said the chair and the nominations committee will create a delegate list to the State Convention from those who pre-register online, those who register in person, and adding additional names for 30 days following the convention, for a total of about 35 delegates.

“In-person attendance is NOT REQUIRED to be selected as a state delegate. Delegate apportionment for each Senate District, voting precinct and presidential candidate is based on the rules set by the Texas Democratic Party,” Melacon said.

He added that resolutions may be submitted online. At the County Convention, all resolutions will be forwarded to the State Convention for the TDP Temporary Resolutions Committee to give them due consideration.

“We are still making final plans and arrangements but our hope is that the greater Democratic community will join us in promoting public health by not attending the convention in person and instead, will pre-register as a delegate online and submit resolutions through the online system, Melacon said.

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