Heavy rains overnight have left some roads in Grayson County covered in water, and with continued rain in the forecast, Texomans can expect already flooding roads to only get worse. The National Weather Service is advising people to be aware of the accessibility of the roads around them and be aware of standing water in other places.

As of Wednesday morning, the rain had been affecting rural parts of Grayson County.

Grayson County Precinct 3 Commissioner Phyllis James said she can’t even leave her home yet due to high water.

In James’ precinct, the roads closed due to water over the road include Horsehoe Road, Jordan Creek Road, County Road 226, Spalding Road north of 82, Little Elm Creek Road, Wallace Road, Foy Wallace Road, and Range Creek Road.

In Precinct 2, Commissioner David Whitlock said, the usual road there, Bethel Cannon and Desert Lake are flooded.

In Precinct 4, Commissioner Bart Lawrence said Lawrence Road floods if there is a heavy dew and the ground is already saturated.

In Precinct 1, Commissioner Jeff Whitmire’s Facebook page said that FM 121 at Hynds Ranch Road is flooded. Also Luella Road at Choctaw Creek is flooded. His page issued the warning, all the commissioner’s repeated, “Turn around, don’t drown.”

NWS Meteorologist Monique Sellers said that severe weather will be making its way into the Texoma region through the end of the week.

“Grayson County has seen 1.55 inches of rain since 7 a.m. yesterday,” Sellers said of the Fort Worth field office around 1 p.m. Wednesday. “And there is more on the way. Overnight storms are expected to bring strong to severe weather into the region. There will be high winds and maybe a tornado or two. We also expect the rain to exacerbate the already flooded areas.”

The rain should taper off Thursday afternoon and temperatures are supposed to make it back into the 70s Thursday. But, the warmer temperatures are not expected to last for long. Sellers said it will be pretty obvious when the next cold front enters the region as the temperature should drop about 20 degrees.

“Friday, the weather will hang around the 50s for the whole day,” she said. “And the rain chances will hand around 20 percent through the weekend and on until at least Tuesday.” It will be mushy for a while.”

The coolest temperature will be Friday evening when Sellers said it could be around 36 degrees. Temperatures Saturday should go back into the 50s.

“This is categorical spring weather for North and Central Texas,” Sellers said. “The biggest concern is flooding which is only going to get worse. Keep an eye on what is going on in the area. Be aware of road conditions.”