Fannin County officials announced Wednesday that the area has its first confirmed case of COVID-19.

At a news conference held at the Fannin County Sheriff’s Office, Clerk Tammy Biggar said the man is 64 years old and is in quarantine at this time.

Fannin County Health Authority Dr. Jim Falick said the man is in “excellent” condition at this time and was tested after he became ill. Falick said one other family member is also quarantined with the man. He did not elaborate on where in Fannin County those people live or any other details about their lives.

Biggar said the case is not connected to any other confirmed case of the virus in North Texas.

She said people who think they might be sick with symptom similar to COVID-19 like a runny nose, dry cough, fever and shortness of breath should first call their medical provider or emergency room. She said they should not just show up at those places. The phone call will allow trained personnel to ask specific questions to try to determine from what kind of illness the person suffers so that they may be treated in a way that prevents the spread of any illness to others.

Falick said because Fannin County does not have its own health department, the manner in which the Fannin County patient contracted the virus will be researched by the state health department. He said that information is released in a very limited manner.

He added that it takes several days from the time the person is tested until those test results are available to medical staff and the patient. The tests, he said, were very limited but are supposed to be more readily available soon.

Still, there are restrictions on who gets the test and that is based on answers to those questions that people will be asked when they call their health care provider.

Fannin County has approximately 34,000 people. The state of Texas was reporting less than 100 people in the state have tested positive for the virus.