Austin College and Grayson College will resume classes in an remote format starting Monday. Last week, both colleges announced that they would be extending their spring break amid fears of exposure to the Coronavirus.

The announcement by both colleges adds them to a growing list of colleges and schools that have elected to cancel in person courses temporarily, with others electing to finish the semester through online courses.

Austin College

“As the situation evolves, we will continue to evaluate the possibility of resuming some in-person classes, or to remain remote-only for the rest of the semester,” Austin College said in an update on its website. “Prior to April 10, you will receive an update on the possibility of completing some classes in person. By addressing this incrementally, Austin College can respond in real-time to evolving circumstances.”

On Friday, the college announced that it would be extending its spring break by two days amid the fears of the virus. However, on Tuesday night the college announced that it would be extending the closure through March 23.

Professors will be contacting students with remote access instructions for each course, and the elective remote access form is no longer required for these courses. Students with technology questions are asked to contact the help desk at (903) 813-2063.

Students who desire to return and live on campus will need to register with the student life office. Students who wish to return to pick up personal items will need to email the student life office, with times scheduled between Wednesday and Sunday.

“To maximize social distancing protocols, appointments will be staggered throughout the day,” the college said.

Individuals returning from COVID-19 level 1, level 2 or level 3 areas will be required to self-isolate for 14 days before returning to campus.

In addition to cancelling in-person classes, Austin College will also be suspending all campus visits through April 10, or until the CDC allows. The campus will be offering weekly virtual visits for prospective students and their families.

All previously scheduled on-campus gatherings are suspended until the end of the semester, or until the CDC gives guidance for them to resume. Likewise, all alumni events, both on and off campus, are suspended.

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Grayson College

Grayson College has announced that the majority of their in-person classes have been cancelled and will instead be converted into online courses through April 3. However, some courses will not be able to be held remotely.

“The overwhelming majority of our classes will go online until further notice,” Grayson College said in a press release. “Some of our classes will require an on-campus presence.”

In these cases, the college will continue courses using social distancing guidelines, in groups no larger than 10 people.

“Additionally, we request that all students self-monitor, avoid campus if sick and practice following the hygiene recommendations of the CDC,” “For those campus spaces that will remain open, we will institute cleaning of spaces after each use. Students who cannot meet the face-to-face or online classes should work with their profession to determine how best to complete the classes.”

CDC recommendations for Coronavirus

Anyone who suspects that they may have been exposed to the coronavirus are asked to follow protocols for care provided by the CDC, which include contacting a primary care physician to coordinate testing with the health department.

Other recommendations from the CDC include staying home, except for medical care, if one feels ill and to avoid public areas and public transportation. Other general health recommendations include covering your mouth or nose with a tissue during a sneeze or cough. The tissue should be thrown away in a lined trash can. The CDC also recommends regular hand washing with soap and water for at least 20 seconds.

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