As some of the Texas counties that have confirmed cases of COVID19 attempt to stop the spread by cancelling all jury trials, Grayson County courts remain open.

But, that doesn’t mean county leaders aren’t reacting to the situation.

Brian Gary, judge of the 397th state District Court in Sherman, said all jury panels were cancelled for this week at the end of last week.

But, Gary said the judges at the Grayson County Justice Center are trying to balance the need to keep everyone safe from the virus with making sure that those who are seeking help from the courts are allowed to do so. For that reason, he said, things like CPS cases and applications for protective orders will go on as planned and needed.

Those things generally do not require the assembly of more than 50 people.

The courts will continue to hear criminal matters for now, but they are looking at making modifications that will limit the number of people who are in the courtrooms at any given time. For instance, he said, they may limit the number of defendants called for hearings in a session to 15 instead of the much larger number generally called.

He didn’t know of any plan for any jury trials at this moment, but officials will keep watching the situation and adapting as the need for more change comes.

Gary said he had spoken with Jim Fallon, judge the 15th state district court, Monday morning but had not spoken with Judge Larry Phillips, of the 59th state District Court. They will all be meeting at a later point to consider state guidance as this situation continues to unfold.

As of noon on Monday, there have been no confirmed cases of COVID19 in Grayson Count, according to Grayson County Judge Bill Magers.