1994 — The idea for Judah 1 comes to founder Everett Aaron during prayer as a way to support missionaries from the U.S. serving abroad. It took more than 20 years for the project to come together. During the early stages of planning, the proposed airline started work out of Tulsa before transitioning to Fort Worth Alliance Airport, which ultimately did not fit its needs.

Dec. 2018 — Judah 1 announces plans to move operations to North Texas Regional Airport — Perrin Field. Representatives for the proposed airline said the airline initially expected to start operations within sometime mid-2019, with a time frame of between June and August.

July 2019 — In July, Judah 1 gave and update to the Grayson County Regional Mobility Authority and said the airline should start operations some time in late 2019, or early 2020 at the latest. Representatives said Judah 1 planned to purchase an existing private operator certification, but these plans feel through.

Feb. 2020 — Judah 1 begins closure of its NTRA office and begins the transition to Shreveport Regional Airport. Representatives noted difficulties with the NTRA facility, including maintenance space in Judah 1’s hangar.