The Denison City Council is expected to discuss any possible measures the city should take in response to the coronavirus pandemic sweeping the world next week.

The City Council will hear a report and consider steps, if necessary, to take to protect the public safety during the coming weeks following the announcement of President Donald Trump declaring a national emergency Friday afternoon.

The meeting will take place at 300 West Main Street starting at 6 p.m. Monday.

The council will also be considering a number of items of concern.

Here are five things to know about the meeting.

1. Code Compliance officer

The city will consider adding an additional code compliance officer to the city’s staff to assist with the enforcement and implementation of the recently passed voluntary rental registration and inspection program.

2. Municipal Court Fees

The city council is expected to discuss an ordinance that will bring the city’s municipal court fees in line with recent state legislation.

3. Parks and recreation standards of care policy

The city council will consider an ordinance that will update the city’s standards of care in relation to parks and recreation programs for children ages 5-13.

4. Increased code compliance fees

The city council is discussion an ordinance that will increase the fees for repeat offenders of the city’s code compliance enforcement.

5. DDA budget amendment.

The city is expected to consider increased the amount it allocates to the Denison Development Alliance by an additional $75,000.