Mudpies and Lullabies received a site plan approval by the Denison Planning and Zoning Commission Tuesday allowing the new daycare center to move forward with its new location in Gateway Village.

The site is a 7,140 square foot facility expected to hold between 150-160 children. The facility will take children from infant to school age children after school.

“It is really exciting to see a really nice childcare facility coming to Denison. We definitely have a need for this,” Denison P&Z Commissioner Charles Shearer said.

The daycare facility was the only item on P&Z’s monthly agenda Tuesday morning.

“The site was re-platted several months ago,” Denison Director of Development and Community Services Kimberly Murray said. “Since then HeyDay has opened up and Urban Air is almost directly across. Mudpies and Lullabies is a successful childcare facility that has three other locations in North Texas. They have been working with us for several months on putting together a site plan for the new facility. They have been fantastic working with us to develop a site plan that works well for her business as well as our needs.”

The facility is expected to include a playground for children.

Mudpies and Lullabies is a part of the Texas Rising Star program for its curriculum, and Corporate Director Danielle Dorman-Chapa said the number of children will be dependent on the type of accreditation the business receives.

“Our company has operated for 14 years we have three locations and serve over 500 students,” Dorman-Chapa said. “We are really looking forward to moving into this area. We think it is going to be a really great fit for our small town approach to a really big need.”

Dorman-Chapa Denison because she said the community is growing faster than current providers can keep up with.

“With everybody moving in, especially to this development we are moving in you are going to the population of children grows faster than the opportunities,” Dorman-Chapa said. “We’re local based and we keep it small. We offer full and part time programs for infants to after school age kids. We provide kids that go to elementary and summer camps. We have a part time program for preK and preschool children that don’t qualify for public programs.”

Mudpies and Lullabies is expected to be open within the next nine months, and Dorman-Chapa excited about branching into Denison.

“I love this area personally,” she said. “My husband and I want to relocate here at some point to retire. I think it reminds me of some of the other communities we have built in before they started growing residentially. Denison has it all. It’s already got so much. There are some services that aren’t available here yet. I love the people and the downtown the way it feels here. It is going to continue to be an amazing community.”

One of the contributing factors that went into obtaining this specific location was the proximity to the hospital. Dorman-Chapa said the site will actually extend its hours and part-time program in order to accommodate hospital staff. She also mentioned the need for affordable housing was a big issue, and there isn’t enough affordable housing for staff at other locations which is something she does not see being a problem in Denison.

The site will also be the single largest building in the company. Other locations serve between 150 to 190 children. The two larger sites have two buildings to accommodate the needs. She said this site will be the largest single building campus and will house around 160 children.

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