March felt a little like Christmas when county leaders approved some new lights for the county’s biggest holiday attraction. Grayson County commissioners approved more than $140,000 in purchases for Grayson County Holiday Lights on Tuesday.

Though the money is kept in the county budget, not one dime of what is being spent comes from tax dollars. All the money comes from donations made during the season’s run of the show. Most of those donations are taken up by volunteers who man a booth to accept donations and hand out candy at the end of the lights display .

Grayson County Purchasing Agent Jodi Platt asked to spend $142, 307 to purchase four new displays.

“I say four new displays, but it really is not four displays because we are replacing the ‘12 Days of Christmas,’” Platt told commissioners. “We are also replacing the swan and two others. Grayson County maintenance staff, who put the displays up each year and take them down, said that the “12 Days of Christmas” section of lighted displays was in very bad shape at the end of the last run.

In addition to the “12 Days of Christmas” section, the new displays will also include a new candy arch, an animated Santa, and an animated train.

“It’s exciting times,” Platt said of the new purchases.

All of the displays will have LED lights which save on costs for electricity and replacement. The displays will be purchased from Arnet Marketing in San Antonio. Shipping for the displays will cost $3,000.

She said the county will pay half of the price of the units up front as a deposit and then pay the rest when the displays are ready to be delivered in October.

She said the old displays which are being replaced will be sold at an on-line auction in the very near future.