Texoma is looking at a possible rain chances later this week as the year continues to trend wetter than normal.

National Weather Service Fort Worth Meteorologist Jason Godwin said Texoma residents are looking at a warm week with a 20 percent chance of rain most days until Friday when it jumps up to 70 percent.

Godwin said March tends to be when the precipitation starts picking up with the peak being in April and May. He said Grayson County has already had 8.99 inches of rain this year compared to an average of about five inches

“We will see a slight chance of thunderstorms on Thursday and through the later part of the week,” Godwin said. “Chances each day will stay on the lower side. Friday into Friday evening is when we will see the highest chances. We are looking at mostly showers and drizzle there could be thunderstorms it doesn’t look like we would see a lot of storms but there are some ingredients that could become stronger in the area.”

It was a wet fall too with December being the driest month recently.

“The main thing for the shorter term there is some uncertainty with regards to how much severe potential we are looking at,” Godwin said. “Keep checking back at the forecast beyond that as we had into March and April. This is the more active time of the year for severe weather. It never hurts to review severe weather plans and safety tips.”

Godwin said tornadoes do not look likely, but slight chances of hail could be mixed in with some of the storms later in the week. Humidity is expected to be on the rise as the storms move in, but he said even that is slim.

Tuesday the high is expected to be 73 degrees with an overnight low in the upper 40s with mostly cloudy skies in the afternoon with a low around 61. The chance of precipitation is 30 percent.

Wednesday looks to have a 20 percent chance of showers and thunderstorms with a mostly cloudy sky. Temperatures are expected to be at a high of 80 with a southwest wind ranging from 5-10 miles per hour. Overnight the temperatures will cool down a little to 62 degrees with a south wind around 5 mph. The chance of rain remains at 20 percent Wednesday night into Thursday morning.

Thursday the chance of rain increases to 30 percent with warmer temperatures getting to 78 degrees. The forecast calls for a 5-10 mph south wind Thursday. By Thursday night the chance of shows bumps up to 60 percent with a 5 mph south wind. The temperature is expected to be around 61 degrees over night going into Friday morning.

Friday shows the greatest chance of showers with a 70 percent chance during the day and into the night. The high is expected to be 69 degrees with a low of 54. Friday is expected to be cloudy into the night.

Things look to stay cloudy for the weekend with a chance of rain at 20 percent both Saturday and Sunday. Saturday temperatures are expected to see a high of 67 and a low of 47. Sunday is also mostly cloudy with a high of 64 degrees.