Christmas is liable to come early this year for fans of Grayson County’s Holiday Lights. The drive through that is powered by donations is getting new displays, if Grayson County Commissioners approve the request to spend the money.

The commissioners meet at 10 a.m. Tuesday to discuss the lights and a number of other items.

Grayson County Purchasing Agent Jodi Platt is asking the commissioners to allow her to spend $142, 307 to purchase a number of new displays for Grayson County Holiday Lights. Among those will be a complete replacement of the “12 days of Christmas” section of the display. Grayson County maintenance staff, who put the displays up each year and take them down, said that section of lighted displays was in very bad shape at the end of the last run.

In addition to the “12 Days of Christmas” section, the new displays will also include, if approved, a new candy arch, an animated Santa, and an animated train.

All of the displays will have LED lights which save on costs for electricity and replacement. The displays will be purchased from Arnet Marketing in San Antonio. Shipping for the displays will cost $3,000.

The money being used to refurbish and replace displays does not come from the county’s general fund even though commissioners must approve its spending. The money comes from donations taken up at the end of the display each night of the run and from other donations throughout the season. Those donations also pay the electric bill and reimburse the county for overtime for county employees who work the event through out the season.