Major upgrades to Munson Stadium in Denison are being planned. At an information only meeting of the Denison ISD school board Denison entrepreneur Casey Shires gave a presentation about a $600,000 video board that could soon be placed at the stadium.

Denison Independent School District Superintendent Henry Scott said the school board will consider purchasing the video board at its March 24 meeting. The cost of the screen is roughly $600,000, however, with sponsors and a few business partners, the total cost to the district could be lower.

Shires said he was really excited to partner with the district on this project, and it would really give the residents a sense of pride.

The video screen will be 32 feet in length and would be installed on the south side of the stadium. The district would use it to create a broadcasting curriculum that would include students running the video and audio equipment during events that take place at the stadium. Similar to the video screens at professional sports arenas, the screen will display live video and instant replays of the action while providing information on the screen such as scores, times, player stats and advertisements from sponsors.

The district would purchase the item out of it’s fund balance which is currently sitting at just over $19 million and amounts to roughly four months of fund balance for the district. Shires said he already has $100,000 worth of sponsors committed to five-year deals with a number of others having expressed interest. He told the board Friday that the screen would likely pay for itself in sponsorships over the course of 10 years.

If installed, the existing score board would be migrated to another area of the stadium and be subject to roughly $14,000 worth of upgrades to get it in line with the new video display. The new system would completely replace the current audio programming.

The district would also create a broadcast journalism program to have students interested in learning media production run the equipment during games, as well as, produce videos for clients. Denison ISD board member Randy Sedlacek said it could be a good opportunity to partner with other media companies in the area to provide internships for Denison students in the future.

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