As Denison prepares to kick off the Loy Lake Road construction project the city held a meeting to receive feedback from stakeholders in the area Tuesday night.

Denison Assistant Director of Public Works Carrie Jones said the city was very pleased with the comments it received from the nearly 50 people who attended the informational meeting at Hyde Park Elementary School Tuesday.

“We talked through some of the design options we wanted to get feedback on,” Jones said. “The three main ones we asked about where we are proposing 5 foot sidewalks on each side of Loy Lake. We wanted to know if people would prefer two 5-foot walks or one larger on just on one side of the street. The other thing was a dedicated turn lane or a turn lane with a shared bike lane. People had the option to choose which one they liked. If it was the shared bike lane we would say bicyclists have the right to use the lane. The last thing was the intersection for Loy Lake and Coffin. Part of it is to make that a safer intersection. Staff is proposing roundabout that would help slowdown traffic and make it safer for vehicular and pedestrian traffic.”

Jones said the item they city received the most comments from — aside from drainage which were already addressed — was the roundabout. She said there were some concerns by people who said they worried drivers wouldn’t know how to use it properly.

Jones said the next step is to go over the comments and determine what aspects the city can incorporate into the design plans.

She said one comment people made was to have a smaller sidewalk along one side and a larger one on the other side instead of a large one on one side or two of equal size. She said the city has a lot of information to review.

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