We’ve all heard the phrase “a square is a rectangle, but a rectangle is not a square.” The same applies to the definition of nude and neutral. Nude colors are neutrals, but not all neutrals are nude colors.

Of course, this is something that can be seen all over fashion. But in 2020, how do we take that concept up a notch? While we just passed Fashion Week in New York, Fashion Week in Australia at the end of 2019 set the stage for this year in fashion and notably, the new age of neutral fashion.

Here is a breakdown of what neutral means in 2020.


This is nothing new. Think of the classic checker-board pattern or black pants and a white top. It’s a style that never goes out of style, and in 2020, this is a testament to the climate we’re living in.

According to Harper’s Bazaar, the love of minimalism in clothing color is due to what the magazine calls “eco-minded shopping.”

“Brands known for their minimalist leanings, like Christopher Esber, Bassike, Matteau and Anna Qua, all presented looks ranging from rust and military green, to aqua and fluorescent yellow (albeit, flanked by pieces in black and white, as per their brand signatures),” the magazine said about 2020 fashion trends during the Australia Fashion Week back in September 2019.

Enhanced neutrals

How do you enhance a neutral? Do you make it stark or bright white and sharp or crisp black? No.

Harper’s Bazaar says that the key is a monochromatic ensemble. For example, enhanced neutrals can include rusty orange, turmeric yellow or grey-green sage.

“These fresh-take neutrals were most often realized in head-to-toe renditions, with accompanying accessories worn in almost identical hues,” the magazine explains of the coined term. So yes, that means black, white and pops of color — that is, subdued color — also make up neutral in 2020.

Cut the color with nude

Specifically, Harper’s Bazaar says to cut the monotony of black and white with brown and chocolate brown. It’s simple but spicy at the same time. Basically, brown is the new black in the fashion world.

“With head-to-tow beige reaching fever pitch in 2019, beige fatigue is imminent,” the magazine says. “Instead, opt for chocolate-y brown, mahogany and anything that tips the scale into richer territories.”