In the last 10 years, when it comes to fashion, the term “nude” has changed. In the 90s, the first thing that came to mind when someone said they were wearing the color nude was the roach-killer beige pumps that were all the rage for the working class and business savvy woman.

However, the expansion of the term has gained new meaning in 2020 as brands and designers work to be more inclusive, and are using the term to advertise a spectrum of colors and skin tones that changes depending on who is donning the attire. The UK-based magazine Independent calls it “the beige

revolution” and a fashion must-have for the 2020 style season.

“Thanks to designers like Burberry’s Riccardo Tisci, the muted hue is no longer a byword or bland, and instead is being spotted on the well-dressed backs of Parisian street style stars and high-powered fashion editors,” the magazine’s site says.

Here are three things to know about the evolving color.

Burberry isn’t the only one doing it

Shades of nude can be found in current lines from Balmain, Tom Ford, Dior and Kenzo. Independent magazine says that the color is a way for people to look classy without promoting wealth. Think of it as the new boho-chic. It’s trendy, looks nice and generally is not overdone with crystals and shimmer.

“I think beige is such a fashionable color because it’s understated (and) conservative, which translates to being ‘timeless’ in fashion,” Style School Founder Alex Longmore said in 2019.

It’s versatile

When it comes to moving pieces of your wardrobe from season to season, nude transitions through them all. Winter white, spring white, chartruse, egg shell, ecru — nude tops them all because the wearer doesn’t have to worry about whether or not they’re breaking a long standing fashion rule.

“Rich and luxurious hures from toffee to vanilla, the neutral trend oozes effortless chic,” Stylist Rebecca Lockwood told Independent magazine. “It really is a stand out trend for me because of the vast array of options available and it suits all ages, shapes, sizes and skin tones.”

Mix & match nudes

While nude for you may be a bit lighter or have a bit of a pink hue or undertone, that doesn’t mean you can’t go for chocolate brown or caramel when picking out a nude outfit. In fact, mixing nudes makes for a well-rounded neutral look. And when it comes to neutrals, this trend never goes out of style.

“Why not mix and match your shades or even incorporate snake print to add another dimension?” Lockwood continues. “Gold accessories are also a great stylish addition to any tonal look.”

Don’t believe that nude is the move for 2020? Check out the hashtag #BeigeAesthetic.